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George Matthes

Experienced Technical Leader, with a proficiency in building and guiding teams. Adept at taking complex technical concepts and communicating them to non-technical colleagues, as well as clearly communicating the business context of individual tasks with engineers.

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6 years as a Technical Product Manager

  • ParityGen: Discovery phase, roadmaps, strategy, and requirements for various clients.

  • JnJ: Technical Team Member on Med Devices Platform Product Team

  • JnJ: Provided Training and standards for design teams on Global Consumer Platform

7 years in the pharmaceutical industry

  • 2 years Pfizer - Clinical Trial Solutions

  • 5 years JnJ - Systems Architect

2 years as a DevOps Lead

  • Pfizer: served as Covid Mission Control Primary for Clinical Trial Sites, and Patients

  • Pfizer: Global Operations lead for Mobile applications

15 years as an Engineering Manager

6 years of design agency experience

  • R/GA

  • Razorfish


Managed budgets 2-3 million USD

Served as: Full Stack Developer, Scrum Master, Tech Lead, Project Manager, Troubleshooter, Trainer, Architect, Support Lead, Vendor Manager, Tech Director, Product Manager


NJIT - BS: IT Software Engineering


  • Product Management

    • Visionary​

    • Strategic Thinking

    • Portfolio Management

    • Delivery

  • Discovery

    • Requirements​

    • Solutions Architecture

    • Business Value

    • Workshops

  • Engineering Management​

    • High Performing Teams​

    • Troubleshooting

    • Conflict Management

    • Agile Methodologies

  • Operations Management​

    • Budgets​

    • Process Modeling

    • Monitoring and Alerting

    • Enhancements

    • Incident response

    • Troubleshooting

    • Estimates

    • RFPs


Husband, Father, Son, Brother

Amateur Astronomy, NY Jets, BBQ / Cooking, Painting Mini figures

Personality Profile:
DiSC - Results Oriented
Enneagram - Type 7: The Enthusiast, Type 2: The Helper

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 12.55.48 PM.png


Seeking challenges,
Bigger problems spark my joy,
Impact is my goal.

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